Accepted Oral talks

We are pleased to inform you the accepted abstracts for oral presentation at the 13th ISCB Student Council Symposium, 2017.

  • Fidelity of contig spectra based community modelling for estimating viral diversity measures using metaviromes

    Submitted by Damayanthi Herath Affiliation: University of Melbourne

  • Reducing Noise in Hi-C Interaction Matrices at Restriction Fragment Resolution

    Submitted by Christopher JF Cameron Affiliation: McGill University

  • SequenceServer: a modern graphical user interface for BLAST

    Submitted by Anurag Priyam Affiliation: Queen Mary University of London

  • Determining the function of the Apicomplexan 6-Cys/SRS protein family: A Structural and Evolutionary Understanding of Pathogen Invasion

    Submitted by Eli Draizen Affiliation: Boston University

  • Integrating Diverse Transcriptomic Alterations to Identify Cancer-Relevant Genes and Signatures

    Submitted by Natalie Davidson Affiliation: ETH Zurich

  • scTree: reconstructing complex cellular lineage trees from single-cell RNA-seq data

    Submitted by Rodrigo Gonzalo Parra Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

  • The impact of native state switching on protein sequence evolution

    Submitted by Avital Sharir-Ivry Affiliation: McGill University